How to Make Potato Chips at Home

Potato chips are a favorite snack food. There are potato chips recipe at home so a person can make this snack any time that they want.
To make homemade potato chips a person is going to have to clean Russet potatoes to remove any dirt. The potato is then peeled and then sliced very thing. Allow the potatoes to soak in water for a person of 10 minutes. After this rinse and dry the potato slices.
Heat 2 inches of vegetable oil until it reaches 380 degrees. Fry the potato slices around 2 minutes until they turn brown and get crispy. Put the slices on a paper towel to drain off the extra oil.
While the potatoes are draining sprinkle them with salt and pepper. This will give the chips some flavor. A person can experiment with different flavor combinations. These fresh potato chips will taste much better than the ones that come in a bag.