A cooperative initiative with various organizations across the country, Angels 'n Camouflage, Inc. reinforces the importance and advantages of supporting our Veterans and Deployed Service Members.  Since its inception in 2002, Angels 'n Camouflage, Inc. has helped thousands of veterans and troops through 'Mail Call', and emergency assistance for those veterans homeless or injured from combat.
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It has been a wonderful 8 yrs! We've made a lifetime of friends and helped build the morale of countless hero's. Sadly, a personal journey awaits us that requires our undivided attention from here on out. It is with deep sorrow that we are announcing the termination of our organization and ending this chapter in our lives. If you are a current adopter, please continue on with your adoptions if you choose to - but note that 'updates' are no longer necessary. A special thank you to the countless 'Adopters' through the years that have shared their gift of letter writing to our Veterans and Deployed! And to our 'Adoptees' - there are no other words to say but THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! Godspeed to each and every one of our Veterans and Deployed! // 1PLs [Loan Co]
"For many veterans it is a race of life and death as they struggle with issues stemming from tours in combat.  I am so proud to work with Angels 'n Camouflage, Inc. to raise awareness and support for these veterans and troops," stated Ricky Lee, Nashville Singer, Songwriter and official spokesperson for Angels 'n Camouflage, Inc. 
Song playing:  "A Place Where The Angels Call Home" by Ricky Lee.
Together, we will leave NO Veteran behind!